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A Message from the Executive Director, Diana Pinto

Diana PintoOver 20 years ago South Central LAMP was the vision of eight communities of Catholic sisters who believed that a single act of kindness can change a person’s life. They saw beyond first impressions and saw a community, not riddled with problems but filled with opportunities; a community not stagnate, but zealous.

Today, South Los Angeles is moving forward as a community to create a better life for its families and SC LAMP is part of that movement. We believe that families are the foundation to a child’s success and that women who possess strong parenting skills, receive guidance and learn to access resources are positioned to support their children in reaching their potential. At SC LAMP our women find support and people who believe in them, their dreams and their families. Our parenting, English, family advocacy, preschool and childcare programs combine to meet these needs and develop our participants as parents and as leaders. Our holistic approach of combining these programs with the simple act of listening and providing words of encouragement or the much-needed hug, are core to our values and success.

SC LAMP continues with its original core commitments and is thriving today because what it does impacts the lives and the future of the families we serve. We are able to do this because of the continued support of our founders, and funding from foundations, corporations, and individuals. Growth is made possible through these generous sources of support. Thank you for your interest in the work we do here at SC LAMP.

Diana Z. Pinto