About Us

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. — Mother Teresa

  • South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project
  • South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project
  • South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project
  • South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project
  • South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project

Our Core Values

  • Empower women to advocate for themselves, their children and families
  • Provide English language tools to effectively integrate into the community
  • Instill positive parent and child interaction
  • Promote early literacy and school readiness skills for children and their families
  • Maximize use of community resources that support SC LAMP’s Mission

Our Past

South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP) was founded in response to the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles by a collaboration of eight congregations of Catholic sisters. They canvassed the devastated neighborhood and asked how they could better support the community as it struggled to rebuild and survive.

In the responses the sisters heard a strong desire from mothers to enhance their parenting skills, improve their English literacy, and prepare their children for school and later success in life.

In dialogue with the local community, the founders developed family-centered programming that has grown to include, English as a second language (ESL) courses, parenting classes and early childhood education for children ages 0 – 5.

Our Present

Today, at SC LAMP we provide a holistic approach to empowering families in the community. We believe that in order to support change in each family, the women we serve must feel confident in themselves and their ability to be their child’s first teacher, and advocate.

We do this by providing programs that develop skills to support learning at home. We offer inter-generational literacy activities, parenting and ESL courses, family advocacy, health education services, and access to a variety of community resources. Our family advocacy includes home visits for support and to address special family challenges.

All our programs are free of charge.

Our Community

South Central Los Angeles is a blending of cultures and communities. In the immediate neighborhood that SC LAMP serves, there are more than one half million persons with approximately 55 % of Hispanic or Latino background and over 40% of African American background. The population is younger, has fewer persons with four-year degrees and more children in poverty than other portions of the city. The average median household income is less than $30,000. Given these statistics the need for the early childhood education, ESL and family programs offered by SC LAMP is evident.

In our most recently completed program year, we served a total of 265 individuals, including 102 adults and 163 children. Since its humble beginnings in 1992 we estimate that we have directly served over 2000 families and touched the lives of thousands of individuals.

Our Staff

SC LAMP is proud of its staff of 21 educators and administrators who together carry out our mission. Every day they commit to creating the best environment for the families and children we serve. Thanks to their hard work, the families know they are surrounded by a knowledgeable, talented and constant network of support.


Diana Z. Pinto, Executive Director
Luz Saucedo, Office Manager

Xavier Sosa, Finance Coordinator
Genesis Tenorio, Development Associate


Blanca Arreola, ECE Educator
Araceli Estrada, ECE Educator
Daisy Felix, ECE Educator
Cathy Garcia, ESL Coordinator
Claudia C. Garcia, ECE Educator

Claudia Garcia, Site Supervisor
Leticia Larios, ECE Educator
Rocio T. Mendez, ECE Educator
Rebeca Prado, ESL Instructor
Maria Elena Romero, ECE Educator

Helen Santillan, Family Advocate
Derek Sijder, ESL Instructor
Carla Silva, ECE Educator
Maria Soriano, ECE Educator
Norma Velasquez, ECE Educator

Our Parent Advisory Board

The Parent Advisory Board allows parents the opportunity to take an active role in the SC LAMP program, establish a sense of program ownership, improve communication and develop leadership skills. Participation is voluntary, however more than 25 mothers have elected participate. The Parent Advisory Board meets regularly, provides input for program improvement and organizes events.

Our Founders

Daughters of Charity
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Sisters of the Holy Faith – California Province
Sisters of the Holy Family
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Sisters of St. Louis
Sisters of Notre Dame
Sisters of Social Service
Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is our governing body, committed to interpreting the original vision of SC LAMP’s founders to meet and respond to the current needs of the community through SC LAMP’s social and educational programs. The Board of Trustees includes a member or lay delegate from each founding order and other professional lay persons.


Teresita R. Ruiz, Board Chair
First Republic Bank

Sr. Lisa Megaffin, Board Vice Chair
Sisters of Notre Dame

Susan Rosenberg, Board Treasurer
Retired Finance and Administration Executive

Sr. Judith Ann Wright, CSJ, Board Secretary
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Margaret Graf
General Counsel
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Jan Clifford
Representative for Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Kathe Cordova
Southern California Gas Company

Sr. Angela Hallahan,CHF
Congregation of Holy Faith

Liam Mennis
Technology Resource Specialist
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Teresita Saavedra, SSS
Sisters of Social Service

Sr. Marjorie Shelvy, DC
Daughters of Chairty
Maryvale Sisters Home

Steve Masterson
Andrade Gonzalez LLP Firm

Sr. Nuala Ryan, SSL
Sisters of St. Louis

Sr. Pauline MacDonald, RSHM
Religious Sacred Heart of Mary

Butch Schuman
The Schuman Foundation Inc.


Our Supporters

Major Supporters 2013 – 2015

California Community Foundation
California Resources Corporation
Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
Crail-Johnson Foundation
Dan Murphy Foundation
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Friars Charitable Foundation
Los Angeles Times Family Fund
Pi Beta Phi Foundation
QueensCare Foundation
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus
Sisters of the Holy Family
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community
Sisters of Providence
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
South Central Neighborhood Council
Weingart Foundation
William H. Hannon Foundation
Willmas Fund

…and our Trustees and other individual donors