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Beautifying Day: Thank you All!

To all our wonderful SC LAMP volunteers and supporters, thank you for donating your time and resources towards making South Central LAMP a more beautiful and friendly environment for the families we serve!

Monetary Donations, Gardening Supplies, and helping hands, helped create a new landscape for our front yard. We were able to repaint our outside walls as well as our picnic tables.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

The list below contains all the names of our volunteers, including Board Members, Staff, and SC LAMP participants and family.

Volunteers Participants Staff Board Members Donors
Allen J. Graf Alexandra V. Araceli Estrada Allyson Simpson Dan Bir
Andrew Silva Andrea B. Blanca Arreola Ida Barba Liam Mennis
Araceli Q. Angelica C. Carla Silva Jan Clifford Lilia Villarreal
Bruce Kelly Beatriz S. Caron Salazar Liam Mennis Marge and Allen Graf
Cathy Gairdner Blanca M. Claudia C. Garcia Marge Graf Sr. Eleanor Ortega, CSJ
Charlie Phillips Candida S. Claudia Garcia Sr. Lisa Megaffin, SND Sr. Jennie Lechtenberg, SNJM
Edgar B. Carmen H. Derek Sijder Sr. Nuala, SSL
Emely R. Claudia A. Diana Pinto Steve Masterson
Fernando Serrano Esmeralda P. Leticia Larios Teresita Rodriguez
Isidro O. Felipa G. Luz Saucedo
Jazmin Silva Isidro O. Maria Soriano
Jose Ramirez Jose Galo P. Rocio Tlahuel
Kathy Jacinto Lisseth L.
Kelly Gairdner Maricela V.
Kent Gairdner Minerva G.
Kevin McNamara Odilia M.
Leydi F. RosaIsela N.
Linda Mennis Sandra G.
Luciano Serrano SuriSarai V.
Miguel R. Yesenia S.
Ninette Ayala
Rigoberto C.
Roberto G.
Rodrigo Tlahuel
Sr. Cristina Marie, SND
Uriel R.
Yasayra R.