You may have tangible wealth untold; caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I you can never be. I had a mother who read to me. — Strickland Gillian

Maximina’s Story

  Before I became a part of South Central LAMP, my life was always about work. I only had two kids at the time and they were going to school. I did not know or have ever heard about South Central LAMP. Later I had another son. At two years old, the doctor had told me that he was speaking very little and that at his age he should be speaking more. She was going to refer me to a specialist if he continued to have problems with his speech. If I would talk to my son, he wouldn’t respond... Read MoreRead more

Maura’s Story

  I was born and raised in El Salvador, and lived there until I was 22. I attended school up to the 6th grade and then got a job at 12 years old to help my family and especially my mom because she was a single mom. I couldn’t do much at the time but later I was able to work at restaurants and at homes taking care of kids. I met my husband in the same city where I worked. After we got married, he would travel from the states to El Salvador constantly and he didn’t want to... Read MoreRead more

Claudia’s Story – Early Childhood Education Lead Teacher

  I started working for South Central LAMP in 2013. I did not know anything about this agency before, and I live about 3 minutes from here. I became excited when the site supervisor told me about the program during the interview. Now that I’ve been here a little over three years, I’ve learned that my role is not the only one that’s important, everyone’s job in this agency is. To begin with, none of us would be here if it weren’t for our Executive Director Diana, we wouldn’t be here without the teachers, and we would especially not be... Read MoreRead more

Sr. Cathy’s Story

I am a catholic nun from the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and it is one of the priorities of my congregation to work with women that are in the margins. That is why I’m here and how I can be here, because my community supports me. I personally have a real passion for working with women and helping them see the gifts that they have and I believe SC LAMP is the perfect place for me to do that. My favorite part about teaching English is encouraging the women to see that they already have the skills... Read MoreRead more

Vanessa’s Story

In her own words: My life before attending SC LAMP was very different compared to now, because before, I did not know the English language and I could not communicate with people when I would go to the grocery store or when I would go to the doctor. I am a single mom of two children and my life has definitely changed not only as a mother but as a woman as well. I use to not have patience with myself nor with my children. My way of disciplining them before was by yelling at them due to my impatience.... Read MoreRead more

Marisela’s Story

In her own words: When I arrived to SC LAMP, my way of thinking and the way I treated my kids was completely different. I didn’t have the patience, and with the Parenting program, I learned that I needed to have a lot of patience. As a woman, now I can value myself more and I love who I am. With my kids, I solve any type of problem by patiently talking with them. My son has been recognized as Student of the Year, that was something that he never had accomplished before but at SC LAMP we were taught... Read MoreRead more

Rosa’s Story

In her own words: What I mostly learned was how important literature is so that our children will grow better and be someone in the future. This is why SC LAMP’s program was much better for me and my child; they really did help us a lot. It was a chance for my child to receive an early education as well as an opportunity for me to learn and get away from my home and other responsibilities. After graduation, my daughter began to attend pre-school and even the teachers there were impressed by how advanced she was and every time... Read MoreRead more