Claudia’s Story


I started working for South Central LAMP in 2013. I did not know anything about this agency before, and I live about 3 minutes from here. I became excited when the site supervisor told me about the program during the interview. Now that I’ve been here a little over three years, I’ve learned that my role is not the only one that’s important, everyone’s job in this agency is. To begin with, none of us would be here if it weren’t for our Executive Director Diana, we wouldn’t be here without the teachers, and we would especially not be here without the families. So, to me, the ones that are most important are the families we serve, because we wouldn’t be able to make a change in anyone’s life. Some of my coworkers have been here 13-14 years and it surprises me that they’ve been here so long but I even asked them why they’ve been here so long, and they tell me that they enjoy working for this agency. In my opinion, I like it because it feels like a family, the staff knows everybody’s names and the things that we share because outside we all have a family. Sometimes we share the ups and downs we face. It truly feels like a family to me. I feel very comfortable here, I feel like I can trust the place, it feels like home.

I see how hard the staff works to keep this agency alive. Especially Diana, she is always working and digging for gold to make sure we have the funds to maintain the agency and keep our mission strong. I know there are struggles, but I am thankful for her because, without her commitment, we wouldn’t have a job. The families wouldn’t have a safe place to come to. South Central LAMP is truly an amazing place.

Last year in December, I had the opportunity to run our Beautifying Day. A day where staff, participants and volunteers came together to help make South Central LAMP a better place for the families. In all honesty, it wasn’t me who made this happen, I just told people what to do. We would not have been able to do this project without all those wonderful hands that did all the work. I remember being nervous that nobody would come, and that day I was amazed about all the people who showed up. It was stunning to see all these people helping and asking, “What else can I do?” “What do you need?” We really couldn’t have done it without all the help that we got, physically and monetarily. I was impressed by the generosity given by the volunteers and the donors. I am blessed by all the people who came and helped. Because of them, this place looks beautiful.

I see myself working for SC LAMP another 15 years or maybe until I retire. You can feel the passion and commitment that everyone has. You can feel the love that everyone has for this agency. SC LAMP is truly a great place to be in.