Marisela’s Story

When I arrived to SC LAMP, my way of thinking and the way I treated my kids was completely different. I didn’t have the patience, and with the Parenting program, I learned that I needed to have a lot of patience. As a woman, now I can value myself more and I love who I am. With my kids, I solve any type of problem by patiently talking with them.

My son has been recognized as Student of the Year, that was something that he never had accomplished before but at SC LAMP we were taught how to set goals, and that was our goal and we reached it. Today, I can also step foot in a library and I can speak a little bit of English; before I would never get near a library. Now I can go to a library and ask for whatever I need and defend myself wherever I go. I may not be fluent in English but with the little that I know, I can defend myself on the streets now. I can also help my children because if I didn’t know the basics of English I would not be able to help them. Now I can see the difference in my son and my daughter and how much they’ve changed and not only them but also my husband because the parenting skill classes that we got here, I was able to take those teachings home with him. He has also mentioned that he has noticed the change in me and that I have helped him view things differently because there were a lot of things that were given to us for our husbands.

My self-esteem is much greater and I do not yield my head before anyone. Friendships that I had in the past now look at me and say that I am not even half of the person I used to be. They tell me that I used to be that girl who would just spend her time crying and not anymore, now I am a happier person, I am more open. The truth is, the things that I learned here has helped various other women as well and those women now tell me that I was right, and it’s because I believe that SC LAMP is worth it.

I encourage every woman who still attends the program to take advantage of all the time they have here. They will not be able to get all the valuable information and help anywhere else like the one we get here at SC LAMP so it is important to definitely experience this program to the fullest, every day, every hour, every minute until the very last day. Thank you SC LAMP!