Rosa’s Story

What I mostly learned was how important literature is so that our children will grow better and be someone in the future. This is why SC LAMP’s program was much better for me and my child; they really did help us a lot. It was a chance for my child to receive an early education as well as an opportunity for me to learn and get away from my home and other responsibilities. After graduation, my daughter began to attend pre-school and even the teachers there were impressed by how advanced she was and every time she came home from school I never had to help her with her homework, she knew how to do it well. She also loves to read and is always reading. She is going to start kindergarten and is already reading books in English and Spanish and at a reading level for 9 to 10 years old.

As a woman I feel more secure and I have a higher self-esteem. My self-esteem was very low before I started the program. Back then I faced a lot of fears, and at SC LAMP they showed us all the various resources we have in our community to help us overcome these fears.

This program also helps the relationship with your partner. I became so accustomed to being in the home the whole time and developed this way of thinking that the man is the only one who rules in the household and is the only one who can determine what you can and cannot do and that is not the way it’s supposed to be. One needs to be independent, and yes take your husband into account but not allowing him to make decisions for you. I believe as wives, we should not have to ask the husbands for permission because we are equal. That’s what they teach us here, that the husband and the wife are equal and one does not have a higher value than the other and this has definitely built my security as a woman and a wife.

SC LAMP is like going to grandma’s house. It’s a place where you can always come back and it feels like home. During the times I was facing many problems in my household, I felt a relief when I would come to this organization. I was so accustomed to being at home especially since I did not work. When I came here I was a different person and I was always happy. Everything I learned here, I apply it to my everyday life.