Our Programs

South Central LAMP’s educational programs provide tools and opportunities to help mothers achieve their family goals; to be active in their role as their child’s most important teacher and advocate; and to better navigate the community services and public institutions that can help their family. Through our inter-generational literacy activities, parenting and ESL courses, family advocacy, health education services, and access to a variety of community resources, we empower women to become agents of change for their children, their families, themselves, and the community around them.

“We believe that by investing in mothers we invest in children.” –Diana Z. Pinto, Executive Director

Family Literacy Program

SC LAMP prioritizes the education and well-being of mothers with children aged 0 to 5 years old through immersive, in-person experiences.

Parenting Programs

Our Parenting classes focus on strengthening the self –confidence and self-reliance of mothers, stabilizing and strengthening the parent –child relationship, and ensuring that their preschool children are ready for kindergarten.

ESL Programs

SC LAMP offers English as a Second Language Program, which includes beginning through intermediate levels. Our ESL classes respect the student’s native language, while developing a English skills as a second language.

Family Advocacy

Our on-site Family Advocate offers highly individualized and integrated support through home and in-office visits in order to establish a trusting positive relationship.

Early Childhood Education Programs

The children’s programs are based on the Creative Curriculum for Preschool model that focuses on understanding children’s development...

After School Expanded Learning Program

Our comprehensive program is designed to provide a holistic and enriching experience, fostering both academic development and personal growth.

PCSLA Kinship Support Group

South Central LAMP proudly collaborates with Partners for Children South Los Angeles to host a bi-monthly Spanish kinship support group.

QueensCare Health & Faith Partnership Health Services

In collaboration with QueensCare Health & Faith Partnership (QHFP), South Central LAMP is committed to addressing the distinctive healthcare needs of our community through targeted outreach programs.

St. Francis Center’s Pantry Program

South Central LAMP partners with St. Francis Center to provide a satellite community food pantry service each Wednesday from 10:30am to 12pm.

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