Parenting Programs

“I have learned so much and if you put the effort in, you will get results. Sometimes when I see people after a long time they ask me “what have you done? You are so different” I tell them that it’s LAMP that it’s changing me for the better” —Family Literacy Program Participant

Our parenting classes help parents develop in their role as their child’s first teacher and best advocate. We encourage mothers to participate in the Three-Year Family Literacy Program that takes a holistic approach to developing important skills needed to support and advocate for their children. Through workshops, presentations, parenting classes, ESL and Parent Child Interactive Literacy Activities (PCILA), the women are exposed to essential skills needed to strengthen family structures; improve parenting skills, promote family literacy, build positive family relations, and promote life management skills and effective communication. At the end of the three years the women participate in “Graduation” celebrating their accomplishments. A critical component of the SC LAMP parenting program, is to provide infant and preschool care and participation by the mothers in the actual educational experience of their children.

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors

The objective of Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors is to improve the outcome of Latino children by building the capacity and confidence of parents to be strong and powerful advocates for their children. Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors is a parenting, leadership, and advocacy program. Its goal is to improve the lives of Latino children across several outcome areas including education, health, social and emotional well-being.

Parent School Partner Program (PSP)

PSP offers parents insight into the structure of the school system, and their rights and responsibilities as parents as well as techniques including how to read a report card and participate in parent teacher conferences. This class’ objective is to help parents gain a comprehensive understanding of the public school system and how to provide support their children as students.

Parent and Child Interactive Literacy Activities (PCILA)

Parents participating in SC LAMP’s Family Literacy Program have the opportunity to join their children in a classroom setting to engage in meaningful and stimulating literacy learning activities together. This class involves parents as partners in the learning and development of their children, encourage parents to spend time sharing the joy of reading with their children, and foster positive parent-child interaction. “Homework” is also a requirement of the PCILA program and parents are expected to document home reading time as well as other activities that they have learned in the classroom.

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