Parenting Programs

“I give thanks for being given the opportunity to be at South Central LAMP, before I felt like I was a good mother, now I feel like I am an excellent mother!”
– Maria Rodriguez

At South Central LAMP, we take pride in offering a comprehensive 10-week parenting education series that warmly welcomes the entire community. These engaging sessions delve into a variety of essential topics, equipping parents with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of raising children. Whether you’re a new parent seeking foundational guidance or an experienced caregiver looking to enhance your parenting toolkit, our community-oriented classes provide a supportive and informative environment for everyone.

In addition to our structured 10-week series, we recognize the importance of tailoring our support to the specific needs of different parenting stages. That’s why we extend our offerings to include specialized parent workshops. These workshops are finely tuned to address the unique challenges and joys of parenting children in the 5 to 8 age group. Covering a range of pertinent topics, these sessions provide practical insights, strategies, and a supportive community for parents navigating the dynamic landscape of child-rearing during this crucial developmental stage.

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