PCSLA Kinship Support Group

“The Kinship Support Group is a place where one can identify with other people who are going through a similar situation. It is a very comfortable and safe place.” – Arlette Alvarado

South Central LAMP proudly collaborates with Partners for Children South Los Angeles to host a bi-monthly Spanish kinship support group. These sessions serve as a vital resource for kinship caregivers, offering a supportive community where they can connect, share experiences, and find understanding. Recognizing the unique emotional and practical challenges of kinship caregiving, the support groups provide a platform for caregivers to exchange insights, seek advice, and gain coping mechanisms. Structured yet informal, these sessions aim to alleviate feelings of isolation and offer valuable access to information, resources, and services, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of both caregivers and the children they are raising in kinship care. Join us in this collaborative effort to empower and uplift kinship caregivers in South Los Angeles. 

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