English as a Second Language (ESL)

“Once I started learning English, I also became confident asking my children’s teachers how they are doing, and now I can help them with homework.” —ESL Student

SC LAMP offers English as a Second Language Program, which includes beginning through intermediate levels. Our ESL classes respect the student’s native language, while developing a English skills as a second language.

Courses are based on Division of Adult and Career Education course outlines approved by the California Department of Education. The goal of SC LAMP’s ESL program is to equip students with the language proficiency necessary for personal, vocational, academic and citizenship goals so they may participate fully in society and support and advocate for their children. Courses are competency-based and designed to develop language proficiency through instructional activities that integrate four language skills — listening, speaking, reading and writing. In 2015, we added a beginning ESL class offered in partnership with Los Angeles Community College (LACC).

Adult Program ESL – Level A/B

Level A – Designed to help students begin developing their listening, speaking and writing skills in English

Level B – Designed to focus on Level A materials but also includes a focus on communication and conversation exercises.

LACC ESL Partnership

54 hours of classes designed to help students identify time phrases in sentences demonstrating the correct use of verb tenses.

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